150 years of experience

Ceren Doner

Since the 18th century, the coveted products of the Simsek family in Anamur / Turkey have been known for their excellent meat quality. Four generations have already passed on the experience of meat production in the family. "Distinguishing good meat from meat of lower quality requires years of experience," says Mehmet Simsek, today's managing director of Ceren Döner Berlin. The special recipes of the butcher's family and the spice blends of the fields of the Taurian mountains make the taste of the meat unique to this day.


Tradition connects

Father Hasan Ali Simsek and son Mehmet Simsek

Tradition connects: father Hasan Ali Simsek and son Mehmet Simsek
This individual preparation has been a tradition ever since. At Mehmet Simsek, the family recipes and knowledge of meat were passed down from his father.

In 2001 he opened his own kebab production in Berlin. The company has grown rapidly ever since. An ever-growing workforce produces countless tons of goods per month. Sales are rising. Quality and purity are paramount and therefore Mr. Simsek is in the company on a daily basis and oversees the daily control of the delivered ingredients, the quality of the meat and the production according to the standards of his long family tradition. Since 2001, our dealers have passed on this quality and taste to their customers.